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Normal Business Books & Pads

First, we describe the paper material for business books and business pads,popular paper for business record books is Bond Paper or Offset Paper and Carbonless Paper.The business books made by Bond paper or Offset paper,we called Single Books or Single Pads.Since the carbonless paper is using in extensive range,so most business books are Carbonless Books.

And Carbonless Paper also called Carbonless copy paper, non-carbon copy paper, or NCR paper. It is an alternative to carbon paper, used to make a copy of an original, handwritten (or mechanically typed) document without the use of any electronics. The process was invented by chemists Lowell Schleicher and Barry Green, working for the NCR Corporation, as a biodegradable, stain-free alternative to carbon paper. Early product literature piggybacked on NCR's corporate name by calling the paper No Carbon Required paper.
Carbonless copy paper works in a fairly simple way. It consists of sheets of paper that are coated with micro-encapsulated dye or ink and or a reactive clay.Normally the top sheet is coated on the back, called CB; the middle sheets on both sides, called CFB; and the bottom on the front only, Called CF. When someone writes on the front of the top sheet, combination of micro-encapsulated dye and clay copies the exact image of the writing. It's very useful, since it is a temporary file recorder and voucher. Also has Anti-counterfeiting function.
After NCR Paper cutting, printing, and binding,it will be applied to the field where Business Books or Pads and General Record Books of Production, Sales, Salary etc of enterprises. Duplicate & Triplicate Business books are further classified as Delivery book. Order Book, Invoice Book, and multipurpose Book etc, Record Books are further classified as Cash Receipt Books, Payment Books, Rent Books, Invoice Statements Books, Vehicle Log Books and more. all book for credit memos and receiving forms, and other customize contents; Taxation Recording Book for all enterprises, such as bank, insurance and business company etc, it is also sorted as Account Book, Receipts Book etc; Restaurant Book serve for catering and hospitality industrial such as Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Club and Motel etc, it has Guest Check, Restaurant Docket Book, Restaurant Order Pad, Takeaway Book, Pizza Delivery Book, Hotel Room Reservation Book and other recording pad. The supplier exploit the format for duplicate, triplicate and quadruplicate and more with continuous numbered, and various size according to customer or market consumption to printing and binding, and also print Logo on the products, and make it be swift advertisement spread in the market.
Please see the more types of Single & Duplicate & Triplicate Books for business record:
Account Books
Analyses Books
Appointment Book
Binder Books
Cash Books
Cash Receipt Books
Counter Books
Delivery Books
Graph Books
Invoice Books
Legal Books
Music Books
Note Book
Order Books
Pay Slips
Cash Books
Cash Vouchers
Quill Grid Book
Quote Books
Raffle Books
Rent Books
Docket Books
Taxation Recording Books
Telephone Message Books
Vehicle Log & Travel Books
Wage Books
Message Pad,Phone Call Book,Cash Pads
Many types of  Business Single & Duplicate & Triplicate Books for an accounting records, retains and reproduces financial information relating to financial transaction flows and financial position. Financial Transaction Flows encompass primarily inflows on account of incomes and outflows on account of expenses. Elements of financial position, including property, money received, or money spent, are assigned to one of the primary groups i.e. assets, liabilities, and equity.
Within these primary groups each distinctive asset, liability, income and expense is represented by its respective "account". An account is simply a record of financial inflows and outflows in relation to the respective asset, liability, income or expense. Income and expense accounts are considered temporary accounts, since they represent only the inflows and outflows absorbed in the financial-position elements on completion of the time period.
Catering and Hospitality Industry -Restaurant Pads & Books
Restaurant Pads & Books are the order and bill forms for booked or loose for waiter who manual record the type of food and drink and price when custom have a order. Typically, customers sit at tables, their orders are taken by a waiter, who brings the food when it is ready, and the customers pay the bill recorder before leaving. But many restaurants also offer take-out and food delivery services. So the takeaway book or delivery tickets are still frequently used
Restaurant Pads & Books are collectively called and widely use in hotels, restaurant, café, coffee shops, bistros, pub, and take-away shops fast food outlets including pizza, burger and fish & chip shops and other food service delivery businesses.
In addition, for different country, the called name of restaurant book is different
They are the following:
Restaurant Docket Books,Take Away Book
Restaurant Order Pads, Restaurant Check Pads,Restaurant Bill Books,Restaurant Dining Pads,Drink and Food Pads
Restaurant Guest Check, Restaurant Kichen Check,Pizza Delivery Tickets,Restaurant waiters pad,waitress Pad
We offered in a variety of sizes and types in low cost and great quality for food and drink service also take away service. The carbonless Docket books, Guest Check and Waiters order Pad are preferred by most restaurants because it is easier to use and not as messy as the "carbon copy" 
Beauty Industry-Salon Office Supplies
Prepare for business success. Salon office supplies keep you organized and ready for a full schedule of appointments. the supplying including check pads, gift certificates, appointment books,etc .Small supplies for the beauty salon office can contribute to a smooth-running day.

Salon Business Supplies to Support Client Service and Retention
Order useful salon business supplies for workday convenience and enhanced customer retention. Refer to a client data organizer when you want to send a special offer to your regular customers. Keep gift certificates on hand, year-round, to generate extra revenue and possibly gain new clients. Choose from a variety of sturdy appointment books to record those all-important service times.

Gaming Industry Service

We supply high quality Poker and Slot Tickets to Casino,They used in more modern poker and slot machines, a TITO Poker,Slot and Fruit machine prints out a barcoded slip of paper, which can then either be redeemed for cash.
The machines utilize a barcode scanner built into the bill acceptor, a thermal ticket printer in place of a coin hopper and a network interface to communicate with a central system that tracks tickets.

Also Payout Book using in casino and other entertainment industry.A slot machine, fruit machine, poker machine or simply slot  is a casino gambling machine.Payout books or slips service for these machines.

For all your Gaming needs, offering a quality guaranteed product that meets the industry standards.


Business Forms

The function of Professional Business forms is management and promotion; they can bring you even more smart business solutions that help your business grow. Also to save you the time, fast customize each form according to your needs, and immediately put them to work in your business.

More business forms type as below:

Business Finance

Balance Sheet Template

Cash Flow Budget Worksheet

Customer Statement of Account

Daily Cash Sheet

Income Statement Template

Loan Application, Bank Review Form

Monthly Bank Reconciliation

New Business Cash Needs Estimate

Personal Statement Package

Present Value Tables


Employee Management


Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization

Employee Coaching Script

Employee Disciplinary Action Form

Drug Test Policy

Employee Discipline Aids

Employee Feedback Script

Employee Work Rules

Long Distance Call Log

Noncompete Agreement

Employee Time Sheets

Telecommuting Policy and Agreement 


Business Plan Components: Sample Plans Illustrate Required Content

Customer Satisfaction Survey Form

Customer Service Action Form

Starting Your Business

Business Selection Checklist

Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis

Cost Assessment Checklist

Equipment Lease Checklist

Family Monthly Budget Form

Franchise Agreement Checklist

Projected Staffing Schedule

Real Property Lease Checklist

Start-up Checklist

Strengths/Weaknesses Assessment Checklist

Vehicles & Equipment

Annual Lease Table

Checklist for Evaluating Used Cars

Equipment Inventory List