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Designed Forms



Custom-designed forms are specially designed to meet the wide variety of customer’s specifications. In order to fulfill customer’s requirements, wide ranges of paper weight and paper size are ready for customer choice. 



Different kind of paper (NCR forms & Wood free forms)

Different format (Continuous format or Cut sheet format)

With sprocket hole for efficient and mass printing

Tailor-made design



Improve the workflow and the productivity

Fulfill customer’s special requirements

Build up corporate image



Automotive Forms         Auto Repair Order Form
Contractor Service Forms  Change Order Form
Florist Forms              Florist Sales Register Form
Hospitality Forms          Hotel booking sheets)    Hotel Guest Registration Form)   Hotel Guest Account Bill)

Human Resource Forms
Janitorial Forms            Cleaning Work Order    Laundry Forms
Landscape Forms           Landscaping Proposal Form
Marine Repair Forms       Marine Purchase Agreement
Medical Forms              Patient Admitting
Shipping/Receiving Forms 

Delivery Receipt       Receiving Form   Warehouse Receipt    Bill of Lading

Bank statements

Application forms

Hotel Room Reservation Form 

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