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Customized Slot Tickets

They used in more modern poker and slot machines, a TITO Poker,Slot and Fruit machine prints out a barcoded slip of paper, which can then either be redeemed for cash.
The machines utilize a barcode scanner built into the bill acceptor, a thermal ticket printer in place of a coin hopper and a network interface to communicate with a central system that tracks tickets.


High quality therermal paper 105-125 grams

Poker and Slot tickets are perforated at ends and fanfolded

Size:65mm by 152.4mm (6 inch) 

Packing: 200,400,500,600 tickets per pack;10,000(20packs),12,000(20packs) or 16,000(40packs) tickets into a carton

MOQ: 50CTNS of each artwork


Technical Parameters



Specify spot colors using PMS numbers

It is important to create text and thin art elements out of single colors. Avoid designing areas of heavy ink coverage and delicate screens areas together in the same color. Often, the solution is to use two separate plates printing different areas in the same color to better control the colors.


Image Files

Avoid bitmapped, PICT and paint files and images taken from the web.

Images should be 300dpi, saved in CMYK format and placed at 100% into your document. Line art should be scanned at 1200dpi.

Provide original layered (not flattened) Photoshop files if possible.

Minimum dot percentage in images and gradations is 3%. Avoid images with light areas below 3%. At that point a hard line appears. Avoid gradations that fade to 0%.



Minimum point size for positive text is 3 point for serif and 4 point for san serif. Minimum line weight is .005” which applies to text elements as well.

Minimum point size for reverse (white) text is 5 point for serif and 6 point for san serif.

Avoid using reverse (white) text over images unless the text is surrounded by a black outline at least .01” thick. Otherwise registration limitations will produce fuzzy text.

Convert all text to outlines unless fonts are provided.


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